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Tailored to You Services

Do you need a little bit of this and a little bit of that? PERFECT! I always personalize every service package for each client that I work with. Your business deserves a plan tailored to your needs! All of my services are holistic. They include my strategy, expertise, and abilities- not just for one aspect of your project but for ALL aspects. I’m a well-seasoned therapist, entrepreneur, and consultant.

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Pricing: Due to the personalized packages I don’t have a traditional price list to offer on my website.  On average my clients spend anywhere from $197- $697 a month depending on what their business needs look like. 

Project & Time Management System Integration

Declutter or establish your project management system and business hub with a simple, customizable and streamlined project management system. Integrate and automate your other systems and processes to create a seamless approach to back-end business management. We can use Trello or another program that works best for you and your needs.  

THIS IS PERFECT FOR:  The business owner who wants a time management system that helps her instead of creates more work for her. 


Business Intensives & Accountability Services

Ready to keep some major ass in your business? Try business intensives. This service has been used to lay the groundwork on a big goals such as a program launch, business system overhaul, or scaling up the business. The focus of each intensive is personalized to what your business is needing. I follow up these business intensives with accountability calls to help problem solve anything that comes up in between for you!

THIS IS PERFECT FOR: The Badass Business Owner who is wanting to see progress for her effort and is feeling that her business is destined for BIG goals. 

Strategic Planning & Organization

Receive personalized planning and organization skill building for you and your business. Learn to make high-level goals and then break these goals into steps for you to work on throughout your work days. This will help you find the pulse of your business and find the rhythm that works for your goals. We can use technology or paper-based organization for you depending on your preferences.

THIS IS PERFECT FOR: The woman who gets “shiny object syndrome” and feels like a hamster in a wheel that never gets anything done. You need someone to help you set goals, help optimize your calendars, and check in with you to be sure that you are accomplishing them.

Operation: Solution Navigation

Does it feel like life is one big bumpy road right now? Maybe things feel like they are falling apart or you are working 80 hour weeks and just don’t know what to change.  We will figure out action steps and dig into the details to get you moving forward and upward. 


THIS IS PERFECT FOR: The Solopreneur who has done everything herself and needs fresh eyes on the situation.  

Starting A Private Practice: Logistics Side

So you have finished up the endless amounts of schooling, licensure, tests, and paperwork. You have completed the supervision hours and applications. Now you want to hang your shingle but don’t even know where to begin or what the best road to get there is….. I can help you find a plan that feels right for your situation and cut through the endless amounts of information and noise out there! 

THIS IS PERFECT FOR: The individual ready to launch their own private practice! I am a private practice owner myself and have built my business from the ground up!!!  

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Have big goals for your business but keep losing focus? Try my 90-day goal setting guide to help make major progress in your business goals!

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