About Jenn

Dog Mom. Lover of Ice Cream. Perpetual Dreamer. Wife. Millennial. Entrepreneur. Badass

Hello! I’m Jenn

Business Consultant & Licensed Therapist
I am originally from Paducah, KY and moved to the Lexington area to pursue a college education. While in college I ran into some detours that helped me decide on a career as a social worker.  Seeing others believe in their dreams is what gives my life energy.
  • I have a deep love for comfy clothing and aim to be as comfortable as possible all day long. 
  • My favorite food is ice cream and I eat it even if it is snowing outside.
  • I find that I do my best work with clients who love to laugh and are good with someone rolling up their sleeves to help them out
  • I am a dually licensed therapist in the state of Kentucky and own my private practice in Lexington, KY
  • I have my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Eastern Kentucky University
  • I have my Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Louisville

Why  Consulting?

My two superpowers are logistics and perpetual dreaming. I am always trying to get things to work more efficiently and effectively in my head, but also I want it to be a glorious as possible.  I have always loved making lists, organizing, and all things office supplies. I knew that I wanted to own my own business from a tiny age of 4 when I received my very first briefcase and play cellphone.

I believe that women-led businesses enhance our communities in a way that large corporations will never be able to. I know that working for yourself can feel like you are trying to tame a hungry wild lion with a stick and a prayer. I aim to help women find what is working for their business currently and find alternatives for what isn’t. 


Jenn Renee Consulting Mission Statement

I help women find their strength, their foundation, and their path to achieving their dreams and overcoming their obstacles.


So How Do I Get Started?

Book Free 30 Min Strategy Call

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What Does Jenn Use?

These are the systems that I use most regularly with people and/or use them in my own businesses!!!

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